Break Free From Your Limitations,

Get Unstuck & Reach Your Goals

5-DAY FREE Series with Rebecca Louise 

Outcomes Of The 5-Day Break Free Challenge:

  • How Break Free from any Limitations holding you back including Negative people that are taking away your Energy.
  • ​Discover How to Change your Mindset from Negative to Positive in seconds and get your Energy and Time Back.
  • ​Learn How to Get Unstuck and take a Step Forward even when you feel you have no options left. 
  •  Create a Clear & Exciting Vision for your Future. Plus the Motivation you need to Accomplish where you want to go!
  • ​The Confidence to go for it and block the Fear from coming in that's stopping you be the person you want.

Hosted By Rebecca Louise

Mindset Coach, CEO of BURN by Rebecca Louise, Business Mentor


Hi Lovely, 

My name is Rebecca Louise. I'm a Mindset & Business coach who is also the CEO of the Fitness App BURN By Rebecca Louise. I help women light a fire under them so that they take action and reach their goals. 

This is your personal invite to join me for a 5-day Mindset Mastery Series to Break through your Limitations and Reach your Goals.

I love to deep dive with individuals like you on all things mindset so that you can have the life that you want and the growth to get there.

I have been there when I haven't known how to get to the next level in life, I have spent years trying to figure it out and in just a few days you will have the tools to help you get to where you want to be. 

Super excited and can't wait for you to see what is in store for the next 5 days of pure FIRE!

Rebecca Louise 

Letter to You...:

You've achieved goals in your life, but you still feel something is missing. You see others moving, reaching their goals and you cant quite see why you feel so stuck and are lacking in confidence. You know that you need something new for things to change...

 A mentor. have no idea where to even begin, you're busy with life, let alone you don't even know what it looks like to have a real mentor. And even if you did, you don't have the time to work on You.

Before you put off breaking through your limitations, there's a faster and simpler way. I invite you to join me in my How to Break free 5 Day Challenge, where I'll reveal the mindset secrets I've mastered for my clients that have helped them change careers, launch business, move away from toxic Relationships and do physical activities they never thought possible!

Come join me and other positive driven humans who want to Break Free, Get Unstuck and be a Great Influence in the World.

It's time to find YOUR EVEREST!

Lets go, 


P.S. Plus - Free Bonus ($197 Value) for All Challenge Attendees... Get Instant Access To My Mindset Hacks Checklist with Video Training... Simply For Attending This Challenge.


What You'll Discover / Learn:

  • Boost in ENERGY you will continue to have Forever. 
  • ​Leave with a POSITIVE, 'No Problem' Attitude!
  • ​​Break FREE from what's Holding You Back.
  • ​Ability to get UNSTUCK when Life Happens for us. 
  • ​Clear and Exciting VISION for your Future.
  • ​The CONFIDENCE to Go For It! 
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