Break Free From Your Limitations,

Get Unstuck & Reach Your Goals

Outcomes Of The 5-Day Break Free Challenge:

  • How Break Free from any Limitations holding you back including Negative people that are taking away your Energy.
  • ​ Create a Positive Mindset so you can be a Great Influence in the World and help other people along the way. 
  • ​Discover How to Change your Mindset from Negative to Positive in seconds and get your Energy and Time Back.
  • ​Learn How to Get Unstuck and take a Step Forward even when you feel you have no options left. 
  •  Create a Clear & Exciting Vision for your Future. Plus the Motivation you need to Accomplish where you want to go!
  • ​The Confidence to go for it and block the Fear from coming in that's stopping you be the person you want.
  • ​The CERTAINTY that you will Reach Your Goals! 
  • Action Plan to make sure you Reach to your Goals with Simple Strategies, Checklist and Check Points.

Positive Mindset

Day 1:

CREATE A Positive mindset

What You'll Discover...

  • How to Recognize Negative Mindsets. 
  • The Power of a Positive Mindset.
  • Building the Muscle of The Positive Influencer Mindset.
  • ​Your Lightbulb Moment and how to use it!
  • ​Why you have a Responsibility to have a Positive Influence in the world and WHY you matter!
  • ​How a Positive Mindset can Achieve Goals.
  • ​Your BELIEF in Finding Your Everest is closer than you think.
  • ​​My Personal Challenges and the Mindset shift I got to learn to Overcome them.


Day 2:


What You'll Discover...

  • Where are you at with your Relationships, Career and Health.
  • Identify where you feel you are Limiting yourself.
  • What is it Costing you to stay where you are at.
  • Where you have been Stuck in the Past and how that is Effecting you Today.
  • That ​Your past does not determine your future!
  • ​You can't change your destination overnight, you can change your direction and how to do that.
  • ​How to switch from Negative Thoughts to POSITIVE ones in Seconds!

Break Free

Day 3:

TIME TO Break Free! 

What You'll Discover...

  • Tools to Overcome your Limitations. 
  • ​Who do you need to be around you to STAY FREE and Unstuck.
  • ​Why Small Steps better than BIG ones!
  • Getting into Peak State and using it to make GREAT Decisions.
  • T​he 2mm Rule to get Unstuck.
  • Positive Affirmations you can use to keep you on track.
  • How to ​Question your BELIEF System!

Day 4:


What You'll Discover...

  • A Visualization Process on How Life looks the other Side!
  • Creating Goals that you can Accomplish in a shorter amount of time.
  • What you can do when you start to lose sight of your Vision.
  • Powerful Positive sayings to help you stay Focused on your goals.
  • How to Declare your Goals to Yourself and Others to have a lasting effect. 
  • ​How to see Clearly even in the Foggy Days.
  • Maintain your Excitement and Energy for your Vision!


Day 5:

ImplemenT INto YOUR LIFE!

What You'll Discover...

  • ​​How 'YOUR EVEREST' becomes part of you so you never lose sight of your goals. ​
  • ​The Feeling in Your Body you need to Reach your Goals. 
  • ​How to stick to Your Goals and Break Free when Life Shows Up!
  • ​The Energy you can TURN ON to get Unstuck!
  • Why to keep your Golden Group of People close by. 
  • How to get into Peak State when you have a Challenging Day.
  • How to Live being aware of how your mindset is affecting your Goals.
  • ​What Life looks like as a Powerful Positive Influencer!




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About Rebecca Louise

Rebecca Louise is a global fitness influencer, best-selling author of It Takes Grit, and founder of the BTES Fitness App.

An international fitness entrepreneur, Rebecca’s mission to help others overcome excuses and achieve lasting change has garnered her over 500 million views. Her podcast, It Takes Grit, crested 450,000 downloads and has featured influential names including Olympic Medalist Katie Hoff, Dr. Josh Axe, and Cassey Ho. 

Her success and insights have been highlighted in Vogue, Cosmopolitan, Entrepreneur and many other publications. She’s served as the face for Le Coq Sport if and been an ambassador for globally recognized brands including Nike, Amazon, NordicTrack, GoPro and Disney. 

A continual content creator and empowerment-focused influencer, Rebecca strives to make fitness and success accessible to the masses through her numerous platforms and courses.

Letter to Participants:

Dear World Changer,

You have a fire within you to impact the lives of those around you by being a positive light. You do this unlike anyone else through your desire to grow, willingness to get 1% better every day and need to make a difference. 

 You've achieved goals in your life, but you still feel something is missing. You see others moving, reaching their goals and you cant quite see why you feel so stuck and are lacking in confidence. You know that you need something new for things to change...

 A mentor. have no idea where to even begin, you're busy with life, let alone you don't even know what it looks like to have a real mentor. And even if you did, you don't have the time to work on You.

Not counting all of the other things you know that you need, the right peer group, getting out of your comfort zone... Oh! And...the daily personal development to stay on track!

Before you put off breaking through your limitations, there's a faster and simpler way. I invite you to join me in my How to Break free 5 Day Challenge, where I'll reveal the mindset secrets I've mastered for my clients that have helped them change careers, launch business, move away from toxic Relationships and do physical activities they never thought possible!

Come join me and other positive driven humans who want to Break Free, Get Unstuck and be a Great Influence in the World.

And when it's all said and done...

You will finally have the mindset you need to conquer anything you desire in life.

It's time to find YOUR EVEREST!

Lets go, 


P.S. Plus - Free Bonus ($197 Value) for All Challenge Attendees... Get Instant Access To My Mindset Hacks Checklist with Video Training... Simply For Attending This Challenge.


What You'll Discover / Learn:

  • Boost in ENERGY you will continue to have Forever. 
  • ​Leave with a POSITIVE, 'No Problem' Attitude!
  • ​Community of Positive Influencers.
  • ​​Break FREE from what's Holding You Back.
  • ​Ability to get UNSTUCK when Life Happens for us. 
  • ​Clear and Exciting VISION for your Future.
  • ​​Ability to get UNSTUCK when Life Happens for us. 
  • ​Clear and Exciting VISION for your Future.
  • ​The CONFIDENCE to Go For It! 
  • ​​The CERTAINTY that you will Reach Your Goals!
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